The Art of Doodling: Unleash the BIC® Rainbow

Howdy-doodle, BIC® creatives?! This Winter, while you’re stuck behind closed doors fighting off the cold, we’d like to invite you to master the art of Doodling – BIC®-style! 


This free-form art medium is one third creative expression, one third meditation, one third imaginative composition and ALL fun. Keen to get started doodling up a storm? Simply grab your BIC® 4 Colours Ball Pen, click into your most creative colour, and dive right in with this quick guide.


What is doodling?

Do you ever find yourself drifting off into a world of imagination during a boring class or meeting? Well, BIC® family, that's precisely where doodling can come to the rescue! Doodling is the art of creating spontaneous drawings or patterns while your mind is occupied elsewhere. It's like a secret language your hand speaks when your brain needs a little break. Just put ballpoint to paper and let your wrists drift into new worlds of imagination. You might be surprised what you come up with subconsciously.  


What are the benefits of doodling?

Doodling isn't just a pastime for daydreamers; it's also an amazing way to boost your creativity and improve your focus. There are numerous bodies of research that show that doodling can actually help you retain information better. Doodling keeps your mind engaged, preventing it from wandering off completely. So, the next time you're in a meeting and the sentences start feeling foggier forty minutes in, grab your BIC® pen and let your imagination run wild – it’s actually helping you concentrate.

But that's not all there is to this art! Doodling can also be a stress-reliever and a mood-lifter. It's like a mini-vacation for your brain, taking a trip from the mundane and into your imagination. When you let your pen glide across the paper, creating beautiful patterns, it's as if all your worries are left behind with the ink. So, whether you're feeling overwhelmed or just need a moment of tranquillity, doodling with your brand new, multi-coloured BIC® is the perfect escape.


How to start doodling with BIC®

Now that you understand the magic of doodling, it's time to get started with BIC® Stationery's 4 Colours Ball Pen. This versatile pen is a game-changer, offering four vibrant colours in one sleek design. With a simple click, you can switch between blue, black, red, and green ink through our 4 Colours Original, 4 Colours Grip and 4 Colours Fine, or an alternative variety of light green, light blue, purple and pink with our 4 Colours Fun; allowing you to bring your doodles to life with a burst of vibrant ink! Our 4 Colours Grip HB even offers 3 standard colours with an HB lead, giving consumers the best of both worlds – both pen and pencil. How’s that for convenience?

To begin your doodling journey, find a comfortable spot where your creativity can flow freely. Grab your BIC® pen and a piece of paper (or a notebook if you're feeling fancy). Start with simple shapes and lines, gradually building up your doodles as your confidence grows. Don't worry about making mistakes—doodling is all about embracing imperfections and going with the flow!

Experiment with different patterns, textures, and themes. Let your imagination guide your pen, and watch as your doodles evolve into unique works of art. Whether you're drawing flowers, animals, or abstract designs, remember that the only limit to what you can create with BIC® Stationery's 4 Colours Ball Pen Range is where your mind takes you!


Let’s doodle!

It’s time to tap into your inner artist and let the magic of doodling with BIC® unleash a world of creativity. With the 4 Colours Ball Pen, your doodles will be exciting journeys into your creative potential. Get ready to transform those idle moments into captivating artworks that showcase the true power of your imagination, and remember, doodling is not just a hobby; it's a form of self-expression.

So, embrace the joy of doodling with BIC® and let your imagination soar! Grab your 4 Colours Ball Pen online today and keep an eye on our social platforms (@BICstationery_sa on Instagram) for exciting competitions to celebrate the launch of this versatile range.