EZ Reach



Say hello to the BIC® EZ Reach, it's the ultimate lighter to light up whenever you need, wherever you are. Imagine a lighter that's more than just a tool - it's a game-changer.

Designed with innovation in mind, the BIC® EZ Reach is here to redefine the way you light up your world.

Whether it's candles creating the perfect ambiance, fireplaces warming up your space, or even stoves bringing delectable dishes to life, the BIC® EZ Reach is ready to make every lighting occasion an absolute breeze.


Get ready to experience the magic of the BIC® EZ Reach through the eyes of two of the most iconic figures in entertainment and lifestyle – Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart! Join them in discovering why the BIC® EZ Reach is the ultimate lighter.

helps keep fingers away from the flame a person's hand using the ez reach lighter to light a candle a flame with a silver edge
pink ez reach ligher

With up to twice the lights compared to other pocket wand lighters, the BIC® EZ Reach never leaves you in the dark. It's child-resistant, safe, and 100% quality inspected.

arrow_right_alt Featuring a 3.5cm extended wand, it easily reaches tricky spots while keeping fingers safely away from flames.

arrow_right_alt Compact design ensures you always have a reliable lighting solution within BIC® EZ Reach.

e z reach ultimate lighter in package

arrow_right_alt Child-resistant mechanism offers peace of mind, making it a safe choice for households.

arrow_right_alt Perfect for lighting candles, fireplaces, stoves, and MORE.

a flame with a silver edge