BIC® Lighters


Stationery that combines convenience and quality

Every BIC stationery product is designed for the longest use with quality guaranteed.  The BIC® stationery collection ranges from pens and pencils, to markers, colouring and correction products - all designed to tackle the needs of every South African - be it at school, home, or the office.




For the doodlers and the doers, we have the perfect pen and/or pencil ready! Guaranteed to give you a long-lasting and pleasurable writing experience - BIC's iconic writing instruments have 70 years of heritage and reliability to back them.


Bring your ideas to life with the BIC Colouring Range  of pencil crayons, wax crayons and colouring felt pens. Crisp, vibrant and just plain fun, BIC colouring lets your imagination run free. High quality, long-lasting, and packed with joy!


Make your mark or highlight the way to your point. The BIC Marking Range gives you a choice of premium white board markers, permanent markers and highlighters to enhance communication and studying, and keep the fun going!


At BIC Stationery, we place our consumer at the center of what we do. We are reframing Stationery to Human Expression, because we help people find joy in expressing themselves in everyday life

For generations, BIC stationery has worked to make ingeniously simple tools accessible for all. With our range of pens and pencils, to markers, colouring and correction products, we bring a heartbeat to your doodles, scribbles and notes, so you can bring what’s inside your mind out into the world.

So, pick up a pen or a pencil and write your story, draft your dreams, and color your life.



The wonderful thing about mistakes is that you can fix them! The BIC Correction range is the forgiving stationery tool you need in your writing box. Get the perfect TIPP-EX product to back you up during  those uh-oh moments.