BIC® Colouring

Dive into a World of Colour

Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of creativity with BIC's captivating
colouring range. Be it for school, work, or play, let your true colours
shine through with BIC's diverse colouring tools.

BIC® Kids Turn and Colour

12 Quality Wax Crayons with twistable mechanism. Assorted Colours.

BIC® Kids Plastidecor Triangle

Jumbo Size and Triangle shape for better handling. Assorted Colours.

BIC® Kids Magic Colour and Erase

12 Felt Tip Pens with Erasable Ink. Assorted Colours.

BIC® Kids Visa

12 Fine Tip Felt Pens that will not dry out. Assorted Colours.

BIC® Kids Aquacouleur

12 High quality wood coloured pencils. Colours can be mixed together or diluted with water for a watercolour effect. Assorted colours.

BIC® Kids Evolution Stripes

Wood-free resin colouring pencil in assorted vibrant colours with great coverage. Available in 12 or 24. 

BIC® Kids Evolution Triangle

Wood-free resin colouring pencil with a triangle shape for better handling. Assorted colours.

BIC® Kids Evolution Illusion

Colouring pencil with bright, vivid colours that erase easily. 12 Assorted colours.