Convenient and reliable, every BIC stationery product is designed for the longest use with quality guaranteed.  Our stationery collection ranges from pens, pencils, markers, as well as colouring and correction products,  all of which meets our consumer needs at school, home, and the office.

BIC® Kids Turn and Colour

12 Quality Wax Crayons with twistable mechanism. Assorted Colours.

BIC® Kids Plastidecor Triangle

Jumbo Size and Triangle shape for better handling. Assorted Colours.

BIC® Kids Magic Colour and Erase

12 Felt Tip Pens with Erasable Ink. Assorted Colours.

BIC® Kids Visa

12 Fine Tip Felt Pens that will not dry out. Assorted Colours.

BIC® Kids Aquacouleur

12 High quality wood coloured pencils. Colours can be mixed together or diluted with water for a watercolour effect. Assorted colours.

BIC® Kids Evolution Stripes

Wood-free resin colouring pencil in assorted vibrant colours with great coverage. Available in 12 or 24. 

BIC® Kids Evolution Triangle

Wood-free resin colouring pencil with a triangle shape for better handling. Assorted colours.

BIC® Kids Evolution Illusion

Colouring pencil with bright, vivid colours that erase easily. 12 Assorted colours.