BIC® Lighters


BIC'ause you deserve the best

Discover the BIC® Lighter collection - each one made to last! BIC® Lighters are manufactured to meet the most rigorous standards of safety and quality, meaning there's a lighter that suits your every style and need. From our classic BIC® Maxi Pocket Lighter to our convenient multi-purpose BIC® Megalighters - we’ve got a lasting light for you, whatever the moment.



BIC® Pocket Lighters

Rigorously tested, BIC pocket lighters are safe  and produce up to twice the lights than your generic  lighter. These lighters are excellent quality, come in  a range of colours and are just the right size to carry  around with you. 

BIC® Utility and Firelighters

Great for those hard-to-reach spots or places that  need a spark. From candles and Friday night braais to bonfires, the BIC utility lighter is the ultimate tool for your indoor and outdoor activities.


Beloved and time-honoured, BIC® Lighters have been lighting up moments all over the world for decades! From our classic pocket lighter to the convenient multi-purpose Megalighters, each one guarantees you a light that lasts to help you enjoy the moments that matter.