Say goodbye to carrying around multiple pens. With the BIC® 4 Colours pen, you've got four vibrant ink colours in one convenient tool, saving space, simplifying your life, and inviting endless creative possibilities.


Switch Ink Colours Effortlessly with a Simple Click

Switch ink colours effortlessly, making multitasking and note-taking a breeze. Plus, ignite your creativity whenever inspiration strikes.

Pocket-Friendly Portability

BIC® 4 Colours pen's sleek and portable design ensures it fits perfectly in your pockets, pencil cases, or bags, making it your ideal choice for on-the-go convenience.

One Pen

Four Colours

Endless Creativity

All-Purpose Pen

The BIC® 4 Colours pen is perfect for both work and play, providing four vibrant ink choices to complete any task.

Stay on Top of Things

With its 4-in-1 ink options, the BIC® 4 Colours pen helps you categorise and streamline information with ease.

Trustworthy Quality

Count on BIC® 4 Colours pen for a durable pen with a smooth, consistent ink flow.

Save Time

Keep your workflow smooth with four colours in one pen that make tasks like colour-coding or highlighting more efficient and hassle-free.

BIC® 4 Colours Range

The BIC® 4 Colours Pen is available in 5 unique variations.
Explore the range.

BIC® 4 Colours Original

1.0mm medium point for quality bold lines

Effortlessly bring your ideas to life with the BIC® 4 Colours pen, available in both 1.0mm medium point and 0.8mm fine point, to cater to all your work and creative requirements.