BIC® Lighters

Shaving made simple, convenient and fun

Designed for durability, the BIC® shaving range is made with the intrinsic needs of both men and women in mind and offers blade excellence and ingenuity at a fair price. For that perfect shave that feels smooth and silky every time, BIC® shavers are your high-quality, safe, and made to last go-to!



BIC® Male Shavers

Precision, smoothness, convenience, value and quality - get your perfect shave with a BIC quality disposable razor. Our wide range means the perfect shaver is just a click away!

BIC® Female Shavers

Ergonomically designed for smooth handling, the safe and superior BIC Soleil range will give you the silkiest shave, every time - leaving you looking and feeling your absolute best. Find yours by exploring the range!


BIC's shaver collection is more than just the perfect shave - it’s ingenuity made accessible. Our high-quality, safe razors are made to last and uniquely suited to meet your needs and your pocket. For every man, every woman and every day there’s a BIC® shaver to get you feeling smooth and keep you looking great.