Teachers’ corner: How to use BIC Ballpoint Pens creatively in the classroom

As a teacher, BIC Ballpoint pens might already be a staple in your personal stationery. We know you’re doing tons of markings, memos, and corrections. And our smooth yet affordable writing implements are probably the perfect companion to help you maximise the learning potential in your classroom space.



Did you know that, as a teacher, there are even more exciting ways to use BIC pens in your classroom? Here are a few ways you can make lessons better with BIC this term! 


Engaging in Group Discussions with Mind Maps and Charts

Sometimes the best way to really memorise an important concept is to map it out. By providing your learners with a selection of differently coloured BIC ballpoint pens and asking them to create a mindmap or spider diagram as you teach, you’re allowing them to visually map out their path to understanding in easy colour-coded paths. You can display these mind maps after the lesson to cement the lesson further. 


Ballpoint Pen Drawings and Sketches 

Ballpoint pens are not just for writing notes. They also make an incredible medium for doodling and sketches, because you can layer cross-hatched lines into really smooth, realistic shading. Teach the learners in your class the basics of shading with ballpoint pens, and challenge them to draw basic shapes, like fruits, balls or cubes. This way you’re developing their artistic skills, spatial awareness and creativity but not asking anyone to break the bank on expensive art supplies. 


Incentivising Students with Ballpoint Pen Prizes

We understand how vital it is for learners to feel like their efforts to go above and beyond, are recognised. We also realise that as a teacher, many of those incentives will come out of your own pocket. In order not to exclude any of your learners, if you choose to give out small rewards, they must be affordable, useful and easily accessible.


That’s the very definition of a BIC pen! As an idea, try implementing a “star chart” system in your lesson plan, which rewards learners with stars when they excel. Weekly, allow the “star leader” to choose a fun coloured BIC pen from a batch and let them do all their week’s writing in their favourite colour! It’s a fun, cheap and non-exclusionary reward that a learner will still find meaningful. 


Here at BIC, we honour teachers as the backbone of our children’s development. We know stationery plays an important role in the differences you make, which is why we’re so committed to bringing you the highest quality products at the greatest possible convenience. Head down to your nearest stationery store to explore BIC products, and let our innovation lay the foundation for your educational magic!