The Art of Doodling: Unleash the BIC® Rainbow

Howdy-doodle, BIC® creatives?! This Winter, while you’re stuck behind closed doors fighting off the cold, we’d like to invite you to master the art of Doodling – BIC®-style!

Drawing with your BIC® Ballpoint Pens: Beginner to advanced tutorials for the budding artist

What better way is there to communicate the expression you really want to share than picking up your trusty BIC® ballpoint and creating a masterful drawing? 

Teachers’ corner: How to use BIC® Ballpoint Pens creatively in the classroom

As a teacher, BIC® Ballpoint pens might already be a staple in your personal stationery. We know you’re doing tons of markings, memos, and corrections.

The history of the BIC® Ballpoint: How one design revolutionised writing

The BIC® ballpoint is iconic, recognisable, and everywhere people are writing things down. It’s an office staple, a classroom classic, and a primary operational implement for millions, if not billions of people every single day.

From Loadshedding to Braai Culture: Here’s how BIC Lighters® fit right into every South African’s home

As a brand with over 60 years of South African heritage, we know there are tons of reasons the modern go-getter might need to use one of our iconic BIC lighters for. 

Spark your interest: This is how we make BIC® lighters!

We want you to think of a lighter. Picture it in your head. Really envision it like it's in front of you. Got it? The lighter you pictured was a BIC lighter, right? The shape, the iconic red button, and the orange BIC Boy? That's no surprise! BIC is the world's largest manufacturer of branded pocket lighters and since our first pocket lighter was released in 1973, we've produced and sold over 30 billion lighters!

The 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Shaving: A guide by BIC® Razors

Shaving: literally lifting a series of sharp blades right up to your skin and dragging them across bumpy, complex fleshy bits to remove tiny lengths of hair. Often in the slippery shower. Frequently in a bit of a hurry. 

Beat those Bumps: How to prevent razor bumps

We’ve all been there. It’s a special occasion – a date, a big function, maybe even an interview, and we want to look our very best. We’ve laid out the perfect outfit, polished our shoes until they’re spotless, and even invested in a little bit of expensive cologne just for the occasion.

Write the rainbow: doing calligraphy with coloured pens.

“Calligraphy is the most intimate, private and spontaneous expressive means. Like a fingerprint or voice, it is unique with every person.” - Hermann Zapf, German designer.

There’s no cap on creativity: interesting ways to use your BIC® products!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein.