Drawing with your BIC Ballpoint Pens: Beginner to advanced tutorials for the budding artist

We already know you love writing with your BIC ballpoint pens, because who doesn’t? We also know that a picture speaks a thousand words. What better way is there to communicate the expression you really want to share than picking up your trusty BIC ballpoint and creating a masterful drawing?



You may not think this desktop essential makes for an excellent artist’s tool, but the durability, smooth mark-making and pressure sensitivity of your day-to-day BIC ballpoint, make for an easy-to-work-with but effective graphic medium. There are loads of exciting BIC pen drawing tutorials out there, but we’re going to share our favourite beginner, intermediate, and advanced ones. All that’s up to you is to get sketching!


Beginner Tutorial: The basics of drawing with a ballpoint pen. 


Before you create your masterpiece, you’re going to want to learn the basics of the technique! This tutorial covers the essentials that you’ll need to know to get the most out of your BIC pen in art. Including holds, pressure variations, shading methods and the benefits of drawing with a ballpoint pen (including how affordable it is compared with other popular drawing materials). 


Watch the video here

Intermediate Tutorial: Attempt a face

We know, we’re jumping right in. Drawing a portrait can feel pretty overwhelming when you’re not drawing regularly, but we found this informative tutorial on how best to attempt your first major ballpoint portrait artwork. If you choose to take this on, make sure you choose subject matter that’s close to your heart. You’ll be more likely to pour time, effort and attention into drawing something you genuinely care about. 

Watch the video here

Advanced Tutorial: Learn from the masters 

Though not technically a tutorial, this artist feature shows you just how incredible and hyper-realistic a ballpoint drawing can get! You can try to emulate Nigerian artist Oscar Okuno’s diligence, attention to detail and layering processes in your own work.


Know, though, that drawing like this takes practice, so you’ll need to spend significant time with a pen in hand if you want your art to sell for big bucks. This insider look at Okuno’s process is sure to inspire any aspiring creator to put in the work to master the technique. 


Watch video here

Get the ball rolling on your future as an artist when you pick up your durable, affordable and surprisingly versatile BIC pen. Practice makes perfect, so make sure to pick up a whole box of ballpoint when you head down to your nearest stationery store. Endless creativity – without breaking the bank – is coming your way with BIC!