There’s no cap on creativity: interesting ways to use your BIC® products! 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein.



And here at BIC, we’ve developed products that we believe to be the perfect balance of intelligent, functional design and endless possibilities for creating fun, exciting things. Our products are versatile in their applications for kids and adults alike, and the potential they hold is squarely up to every individual who uses them.

Though, we’re sure you can come up with some things with BIC products that have never crossed our minds, we sat down to brainstorm some innovative ways you can unleash your creativity with our wide range of stationery.


Create a watercolour painting with our Aquacouleur Pencil Crayons

These two-in-one pencil crayons have a secret. You can use them like regular pencil crayons, and they look great. However, if you add a couple of drops of water, they blend and run just like watercolour paints! This means you get to experiment with the fluid fun of watercolour painting without all the mess of a dripping palette or splashing colours.

As a fun activity this summer, go paint watercolour botanicals! Find a corner of a garden with lovely flowers in it, and draw them out in Aquacouleur pencils. Go back inside, lay your drawing out on a flat surface, add a few drops of water, and watch your painting come to life! It’s just like watering an actual plant, except you won’t tread soil all over your living room carpet. 



Say it in technicolour with our BIC Kids Magic Colour & Erase Felt Pens.

Old-school black-and-white calligraphy is SO out of fashion (in fact, check out our blog about that here). Why not create your own hand-calligraphed rainbow greeting cards this festive season? Have fun with scripts, doodles and customisation to add that extra special touch to any gifts you’re giving. These felt tip markers come in 12 funky colours, so your creative options are unlimited! PLUS, if you make a mistake or misspell a word (we’ve all been their), these pens are erasable so that you can start over again!



Create rock art when you melt BIC Kids Turn & Colour Wax Crayons

We bet you’ve seen the cool trend of painting rocks with cool patterns and leaving them out in nature for other adventurous people to find. We also bet you want to try it for yourself! What you’ll need to hop on this fun activity is to melt the individual colours of your BIC crayons and use them to paint the rocks you find with fun designs!


Then, go hide them on a nature trail or in a park to see who stumbles into them. The benefit of using wax crayons instead of paint is that the wax won’t flake off the rocks when exposed to the weather and cause pollution in untouched natural areas. So, you get to be arty AND environmentally responsible at the same time.



Create Zodiac art with Tipp-Ex

You’re used to drawing with black pens on a white surface, but what if you flipped that around? Grab some black paper and BIC Tipp-Ex to create fun drawings of your Zodiac constellations and proudly show off your star sign. To see what your constellation looks like – and print it out for tracing – take a look here. Simply use Tipp-Ex to mark out where YOUR Zodiac stars are on the black background, and you have a stylish, minimal artwork that’s personalised to YOU!  



There’s boundless inspiration to be creative all around us, from the flowers at the bottom of our garden to the stars twinkling in the night sky. All you need to unlock that inspiration is the right tools with which to express yourself. Here at BIC, we pride ourselves on equipping our awesome customers with the right implements to promote total freedom of expression. We’d be so excited to see your BIC creations, so next time you post them on socials, be sure to tag us on @bic_stationery_SA!