From Loadshedding to Braai Culture: Here’s how BIC Lighters® fit right into every South African’s home

As a brand with over 60 years of South African heritage, we know there are tons of -reasons the modern go-getter might need to use one of our iconic BIC lighters for. 



To fill you in on some of those and potentially get you wise to some possibilities that hadn’t crossed your mind, here are ways that you might not even have realized that you’ve already been using a BIC lighter.


“Nou gaan ons braai!”

It’s braai season and a family braai without a fire is functionally just making yourself purposefully uncomfortable for no reason. A good braai is entertainment, a stage, a whole kitchen suite, and a way to get people together without much reason or effort.


In the rainy season, it’s a dangerous game betting all your braai potential on boxes of matches, which get soggy and unusable at the slightest rumble of thunder on the horizon. By having a BIC megalighter in your kitchen drawer, you’ve got the robust assurance that you’ll get your braai lit in time to enjoy a roaring fire and delicious supper that’s ready in no time.



Beat the blackouts

We’ll cut straight to it – given where we live, sustained access to electricity is not necessarily something we can count on. In fact, sometimes switching on a light switch and actually seeing a difference in overall light quality feels like a luxury.


As familiar acquaintances of the rolling blackout, it’s always a good idea to keep some manner of candle-lighting device on your person. A BIC Megalighter nearby means an instant warm glow when you’re caught off guard by shifting power schedules, and it even makes for a great mini torch in a pinch.